Why Groningen

Groningen can be seen as a city and a province with complete freedom, bursting with possibilities and where things are done with the typical Groningen strength and guts. Always sincere and self-willed. In Groningen, tourists and visitors can recharge their batteries and reinvent themselves.

Lively City of Groningen

The city of Groningen is bursting with energy and opportunities. Groningen is the city where oases of peace and quiet blend in seamlessly with lively student spots, hip shops and friendly market squares. You can feel the city's energy in the stunning views from the Martinitoren or when walking through the centuries-old streets. Groningen features many beautiful and undiscovered places. There are works of art in unexpected places in the streets, nice boutiques and small-scale high-quality restaurants and peace and quiet can be found in one of the city's almshouses and parks. 

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Delightful contemplation

One of the aspects that defines Groningen is space. Space can be found everywhere in Groningen. Behind a gate in the city. In the various courtyards in the city. On a bench in a monastery or cycling against the wind up to the dike or even further. In Groningen, the hustle and bustle flows out of your head to make room for new ideas. Space is one of Groningen's greatest assets. Extensive landscapes, untouched salt marshes, wide mud flats, tranquil villages, a distant horizon; everywhere in Groningen there is room for relaxation and reflection. 

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Beautiful heritage

Groningen is one of the oldest man-made landscapes in Europe and borders a UNESCO World Heritage site. Inhabitants of Groningen have been drawing their own plan for centuries. This wilfulness has shaped the landscape. Inhabitants built an impregnable fortress in the middle of the swamp, residential mounds on fertile salt marshes, robust churches and sumptuous fortresses. Both the city and the province of Groningen are bursting at the seams with a story about then. There is always a nice route or a nice museum. Groningers proudly guard their heritage; from grain factory to the Groninger eierbal. They stand for their business. Nowhere do you find masses or insignificance, but always that personal Groningen signature. 

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Vast and unspoilt countryside

Groningen is sculpted from water, clay, sand and peat. Millions of migratory birds fill the air of Groningen. Konik horses adorn the meadows around the Lauwersmeer. There are beautiful walking routes along the winding streams or at the bottom of the sea. Groningen is full of discoveries for all ages. Not only in the province, but also in the city centre. Here you will find beautiful parks and courtyards. Green suits Groningen so well. It is everywhere. Beautiful forests, the mudflats, unspoilt nature reserves and vast fields.

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Delicious taste of Groningen

The land, the mudflats and the water offer pure local products. In Groningen visitors can see how it grows and taste the purity of Groningen. In Groningen, use is made of what the sea and the land have to offer. Spicy mustard, bitter beer, salty samphire, wine with the slightest note of acidity, sweet rolls from local grain and sugar and the traditional 'eierbal' - actual UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Groningen has many special creators in the country, from farm shops and regional markets to restaurants that cook with Groningen flavours. Pure and without fuss.

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